The Best Way to Donate

The best way to support our fundraising efforts is to directly e-Transfer. You can also contact Bonnie Seward at 250-208-7307 or Ashley Morris 250-889-8857.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 in total - $5000 for each paddler. Our costs include:
  • Flights $2000/each
  • Accomodation $1500/each
  • Transportation &
  • Food 
HISWKE! (Thank you)

Please make payable to

Help Geronimo Canoe Club Get to Australia

Geronimo Canoe Club/Team Canada will compete at the World Distance Outrigger Championships in Australia, August of 2019, a World Class event, in which they dedicate to their late grandparents.

This is a new level of competition for our First Nations communities and would like to begin our fundraising to fund our travel, equipment, and training gear. Our goal is to raise funds to fund our travel and accommodations.

"Paddling is more than a sport to me - it's a way of life."

 - Joe Seward
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